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Map Set Compilation 1
Classic BattleTech Map Set Compilation I compiles the maps from BattleTech Map Sets #2, #3, and #4 into a single set that includes 24 22" x 17" maps, each with all terrain clearly marked on every hex, making play easier then ever. Regular price $29.99
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Map Set Compilation 2
Regular price $29.99
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Map Set 7
Battletech Map Set #7 contains eight full-color, 22" x 17.5" hex-grid terrain maps, and includes a sheet of special instructions for using the enclosed maps, plus terrain counters for customizing Battletech Maps. Regular price $19.99
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Mappack Solaris VII
Mappack: Solaris VII provides players with information on the gaming world and the stables that run it. Additionally, a slew of new Level 3 weapons and equipment tailor-made for the close-in rough-and-tumble fighting of Solaris VII duels are included. Also provided are ten previously published Solaris VII maps from the Solaris VII box set and Solaris: The Reaches, now compiled together and reprinted for the first time and including rules for using these maps in standard Classic Battletech play. Regular price $29.99
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