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Coalition Wars: Siege On Tolkeen Chapter 1 -- The Coalition Army is in place and making war on Tolkeen! Chapter One lays the groundwork and offers several avenues of adventure. How and why the war started. Emphasis on the Tolkeen Military and defenses. Ley line magic and magical artifacts. New Techno-Wizard devices, weapons and war machines. Coalition and Tolkeen war plans. Coalition-Tolkeen Time-line. Key people, places and maps. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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Sorcerers' Revenge
Coalition Wars: Siege On Tolkeen Chapter 3 -- The sorcerers of Tolkeen strike back in a murderous fury that stuns and bewilders the mighty Coalition Army. Combat and hatred heats up as both sides escalate the level of war. The Coalition Wars series is "hot" -- keeping fans guessing as to who will be the decisive winner and loser of this dramatic conflict. Secrets of the Dragon Kings. Shadow Dragons -- aggressive, dragon-warriors fighting like demons on the side of Tolkeen (as depicted on the cover of book one). Dozens of inhuman and magic wielding villains and NPCs; Tolkeen's most notorious defenders (some would say madmen). Iron Juggernauts of the air and water. Tolkeen's strategies and tactics. More background on the Kingdom of Tolkeen. World information and history. Adventure ideas galore. 112 page paperback. Regular price $12.95.
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Shadows Of Evil
Coalition Wars: Siege On Tolkeen Chapter 5 -- The plot thickens as the war rages on and the Coalition Army proves to be relentless. This book will present a dramatic turn of events that will change the war! 112 page paperback. Regular price $12.95.
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Final Siege
Coalition Wars Chapter 6 -- In the end, only one will stand triumphant. Winner take all. And the world will tremble. The City of Tolkeen mapped and described. Tolkeenís King, Circle of 12 and Warlords described in detail. Tolkeenís newest demonic allies and monsters. Tolkeenís secret weapons! The City of Freehold -- home of the Dragon Kings. The final siege -- who wins, who loses, who survives. Aftermath notes and loads of adventures and adventure ideas. 200 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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