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Module A+
Captain's Module A+ includes: Impulse cards (improved over the old version with the next movement impulse listed for each speed, in addition to whether it moves on the current impulse). Command Cards (improved with 18 cards per set, providing more control over what actions you commit to without actually making written notes). Step Cards (12 cards outlining the steps taken each impulse). 216 die-cut counters for play aide use, including monsters, point of turn and slip, wild weasel, EM, etc. SFB Rules Cross Index. Regular price $22.95.
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Module C1
New Worlds 1. Expansion module for SFB, adds the Lyran, Hydran, and WYN races along with their weapons (Expanding Spheres, Fusion Beams, Hellbores, Stinger Fighters). Regular price $14.95.
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Module C2
New Worlds 2. Neo-Tholians, ISC, and Andromedans invade the Milky Way with new ships and technology (web casters, plasmatic pulsars, displacement device, tractor-repulsor beams, power absorbers, satellite ships). Regular price $14.95.
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Module C3
New Worlds 3. Adds new races to the Star Fleet Universe including the Lyran Democratic Republic (a rebel Lyran province that bought gatlings from the Hydrans) and the Seltorians (former slaves of the Tholians who are hunting them down with their web breakers and shield crackers). The WYN Cluster gets an entire new fleet of deadly ships (White Shark, Orca, Mako Barracuda). More Andromedan ships are also included. Regular price $19.95.
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Module C4
Fleet Training Centers. Is space combat against the Klingons and Romulans too boring? Then take your chances against new enemies! The Flivvers have ships that can fly sideways. The Sharkhunters have ships that fire wire-guided plasma torpedoes. The Triaxians have ships that move in three directions with special kinds of plasma. The Qari have armored ships with rotating weapons that can fire explosive or penetrating shells. The Frax are based on wet-navy designs. The Britainians fire broadsides with their disruptors. The Canadi'ens fly the Maple Leaf Mauler. And more. Regular price $24.95.
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Module C5
The Magellanic Cloud has been mentioned in SFB for 20 years; it was the island galaxy that the Andromedan Invaders captured before they moved on to our Milky Way. This product includes five new races, a dozen new weapons and systems, and a host of scenarios reflecting their own wars before the Andromedans used them for a speed bump. Includes 96-page rulebook, 216 die-cut counters, and 96-page SSD book. Regular price $26.95.
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Module F1
The Jindarians have been in space, flying huge ships built from hollow asteroids, for 100,000 years. They care little about borders, governments, and wars and just travel from system to system, mining asteroid belts. They push aside any competition using their warp augmented railguns to fire thousands of cubic meters of gravel and rock at your ship. Regular price $15.95
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Module F2
The Vudar Conclave. The Race That Humiliated the Klingons! The Vudar were a Klingon subject race. Due to their unique ability to tolerate radiation fields, the Vudar were allowed to build their own ships as Klingon police auxiliaries. Due to the radiation glare, the Klingons didn't realize how many ships the Vudar had built until the Vudar declared independence. Or did any of this really happen? Since the idea of building a whole bunch of ships with the economic power of a single planet makes no sense, were the Vudar just a Klingon trick to convince the Hydrans to allow a "neutral" race to occupy half of the Kingdom? Includes 45 new SSDs, eight new scenarios, and several new weapons including the Ion Cannon, Ion Pulse Generator, and Ion Storm Generator. 108 counters. Regular price $17.95.
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Module G2
Master Annexes. Includes all annexes from all SFB products (except Omega, E1, and E2). This includes about 50 pages of annexes and about 80 pages of the new and expanded Master Ship Chart. This product has a table of contents with page numbers and several new and expanded features. Regular price $20.00.
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Module H1
Megahex. Gorgeous one-inch full-color CGI-image counters for use with Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander. Package includes four sheets of 80 (total 320) covering the basic hull types of every race in the Alpha Octant. Professionally printed, mounted, and die-cut one-inch counters.
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Module J
Fighters. Fly through the Star Fleet Universe as "top phaser" with a selection of deadly fighters and massive carriers. These are the carriers and fighters for the core races, as well as most of the special rules for fighters. Regular price $19.95.
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Module J2
Advanced Fighters. Module J2 includes new warships, fighters, weapons, and systems. Seven scenarios, 83 SSDs, charts, and annexes complete the package. Regular price $21.95.
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Module K
Fast Patrol Ships. The PT boats of space ransack enemy fleets with their short-range weapons and hot-warp engines just one turn of a wrench from exploding. Too cheap to bother killing, too deadly to ignore! Regular price $19.95.
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Module M
Star Fleet Marines, the toughest hombres in outer space. They will fight anywhere, on the decks of your ship, in the jungles of an alien planet, or inside an enemy starbase. Includes rules and scenarios. Regular price $21.95.
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Modules O1 - O4
The Omega Master Rulebook Every rule, chart, scenario, and ship description from O1: The Omega Sector, O2: Omega Reinforcements, O3: The Omega Wars, and O4: The Omega Rebellion, compiled and integrated into a single rulebook, all rules completely updated and revised. Plus an extensive Omega tactics section, an updated Sequence of Play listing, including the entire Alpha Sector, the Simulators, and the Magellanic Cloud, completely updated Annexes and a new Master Ship Chart, all ship descriptions, rules, weapons, and scenarios for the Omega Sector that were published in Captainís Log, and the "lost" history section originally written for Module Omega Four. The 340-page rulebook is hole-punched and unbound, ready for your binder.
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Module R1
Bases & Auxilliaries: Adds more bases and ships for use by all of the races of the Star Fleet Universe. Includes monitors and race-specific base SSDs. Regular price $17.95.
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Module R2
More ships for the Federation, Kzintis, Andromedans, and Orions, including many new scenarios. Includes counters and SSDs. Regular price $17.95.
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Module R3
More ships for the Klingons, Lyrans, Hydrans, and WYNs. Includes counters and SSDs. Regular price $17.95.
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Module R4
More ships for the Romulans, ISC, Gorns, and Tholians, including new scenarios. Includes counters and SSDs. Regular price $17.95.
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Module R5
Battleships! The most massive and devastating ships ever to trek through the galaxy blast their way onto your game board in this massive expansion. Includes scenarios and many other new ship types (Battle Cruiser Carriers, Battle Control Ships, Heavy Command Cruisers, New Heavy Cruisers, and several unrelated variants). Regular price $18.95.
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Module R6
The Fast Warships. Includes fast cruisers, police flagships, fast carrier resupply ships, mobile carriers, and heavy (modular) war destroyers, warship variants. Includes scenarios. Regular price $23.95.
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Module R7
Dreadnoughts at War: New classes of deadly starships! Early dreadnoughts to fight the Four Powers War. Heavy Dreadnoughts for that extra Zing. Light Dreadnoughts for that extra Zip. Dreadnought variants for that extra something. Plus BBVs and SDSs. Regular price $18.95.
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Module R8
System Defense Command. The ships that protect the home front. National Guard cruisers, destroyers, frigates, carriers, and escorts. Heavy police ships and police carriers. Heavy auxiliaries. Auxiliary cruisers. Tugs and salvage ships. Skiffs. Klingon police warships. Sector bases. Hospital ships. Luxury cruise liners. Executive transports. The original Klingon light cruiser. Romulan police flagship. Tholian police cutter. Orion National Police. Andromedan gun sleds. The ISC early years ships (refitted for the General War). Regular price $19.95.
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Module R9
The Ships That Never Were. More ships from the archives of Star Fleet. Light X-dreadnoughts, heavy scout carriers, national guard PFTs, war cruisers converted into dreadnoughts, medium dreadnoughts, and much more! Ships for campaigns (Tholian tug, pods, survey ship; Seltorian tug and survey ship; Romulan tug, LTT, and pods; alliance maulers; coalition dreadnought maulers). And some interesting ships from all over, such as the fast mauler, Federation Strike Cruiser, Klingon D6D-PFT, Romulan FarHawk, Kzinti national guard drone ship, Gorn double-wing destroyer, Orion heavy and light DNs, Andromedan Shiva Mauler, Lyran Lioness, ISC war cruiser and war destroyer, LDR fleet police and fleet destroyer. Includes 48-page rulebook, 80-page SSD book, and 108 counters. Regular price $19.95.
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Module R10
The New Cruisers. Module R10 includes variants of the New Heavy Cruisers, giving all of those War Cruiser Variants increased combat power and survival. There are 79 new ships Regular price $19.95.
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Module R11
Support Ships. Over 100 new ships to support your fleets in their wars of conquest and bitter defensive battles. Division Control Shis, Workboats, Light PFTs, Fast War Cruisers, Light Monitor; Fed CVA, NHA, POV, DWR, and FEX; Klingon AD5W; Gorn old survey ship; Seltorian large scout; Starship construction dock; Commo station; Andro Construction Base; Hydran Pegasus Survey; Tholian heavy web tender; Romulan Screech Owl; Lyran NTG; ISC Blockade Runner, and many many more. 108 counters (new generation graphics), 64 page rulebook with six scenarios; 96 page SSD book. Regular price $23.95.
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Module W
Space Battle Maps. Large 46x38 inch map with 1.25" hexes, double the normal size! Suitable for miniatures (SFB or any other game) or huge battles with regular counters. Also includes full-color planets, moons, asteroids, and a comet printed on the same size hex grid so you can arrange whatever terrain you need. (Includes one five-hex planet, two three-hex planets, a two-hex planet, and numerous one-hex planets. The comet is four hexes long.) Also includes miniatures turn guages and firing arc templates and "tabletop" (non-hex) rules. Regular price 13.95.
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Module X1
The X-Ships are as close to "magic" as you can get in science fiction. Their electronic systems are so advanced and can do so much more than other ships that these might as well be flown by Gods. And now, YOU can fly them. Regular price $19.95.
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Module X1R
X-Ship Reinforcements. 92 New X-ships and 7 new X-bases, 5 new X-ship scenarios, partial X-refits, and new X-Weapons (particle cannon, web breaker). 216 die-cut counters. Regular price $28.95
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Module Y1
The Early Years. The wars that shaped a galaxy! Before there was a Star Fleet, there was still war! Includes 95 SSDs, 216 counters, and two new races (the Paravians and Carnivons). Warp conversions, Early Warp, & Fed National Fleets. Regular price $25.95.
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