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Dimension Book 1 -- Wormwood is the first of many dimension books to be presented by Palladium. A decadent, violent and deadly world ruled by demonic creatures and evil clergy who control powerful kingdoms of monsters and enslave humans. Inhuman destroyers who command the crawling towers and life force cauldrons to do their bidding. One of countless alien worlds linked to Rifts Earth by the many dimensional gate ways of the ley lines. Highlights Include: 17 new Occupational Character Classes & R.C.C.s including the apok, holy terror, worm speaker, symbiotic warrior, knights of the Temple, priest and others. A 20 page comic strip by Truman & Henry! Over 30 horrific monsters, villains and characters. Symbiotic magic, slime, augmentation and organisms. Crystal magic, mystic weapons, technology and dark secrets. The living planet is mapped and key forces described. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Phase World
Dimension Book 2 -- Phase World is an incredible transdimensional city that is also a space port located at the edge of three galaxies. This means that visitors come not only from other dimensions but from the neighboring galaxies as well. Consequently, Phase World is one of the more unique ports in the Palladium Megaverse. Engage in cosmic adventure, space exploration, smuggling, bounty hunting and more. 208 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Phase World Source Book
Dimension Book 3 -- The exciting companion book to Phase World, with more alien races, weapons, armor, space ships and adventure. Plus more about the Kreeghor Empire, the Cosmic Forge, Naruni Enterprises, and Cosmo-Knights. Over a dozen new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s, including Oni Ninja, T-Zee aliens, the Invisible Guardsmen and others. Micro-missiles, plasma cartridges and other weapons. Solid energy space ships and body armor! 112 page paperback. Regular price $13.95.
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Dimension Book 4 -- An epic, no-holds-barred battle between good and evil! Visually explosive. Hotly anticipated. An epic world setting designed for Rifts and Heroes Unltd. The Tarlok invaders; villains players will love to hate. The Charizolon System and the planet Seeron/Skraypers. Over a dozen alien races. The superhumans who fight to free a world. Weapons and equipment, and a solar system of adventure. Direct connections to Rifts, Phase World & Heroes Unltd. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Three Galaxies
Dimension Book 6 -- A Phase World adventure sourcebook that presents more information on the Three Galaxies, with an emphasis on inhabited worlds, alien technologies, people and conflicts. Overview of the Three Galaxies with plenty of Hook, Line & Sinkers adventures. New Magic O.C.C.s, Tattoo Magic and spells. New aliens and monsters. Key people, leaders and villains. New technology, spacecraft and equipment. Setting information and adventure ideas galore. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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Naruni Wave Two
Dimension Book 8 -- The Naruni - trans-dimensional weapons dealers - are back with a new inventory of weapons, vehicles and equipment. They're also looking to give the Coalition States some payback by selling their illegal goods to Tolkeen Freedom Fighters, Julian's Juicers and others with a hatred for the CS. 96 page paperback. Regular price $14.95.
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Hades : Pits Of Hell
Dimension Book 10 -- The demons and monsters of Hades have been part of Palladium role-playing games for 25 years. Now, for the first time ever, we explore the demons’ home dimension, the landscape of Hades, the evil denizens who populate it, and their plans for conquest and war across the Megaverse. A stand-alone sourcebook designed for use in Rifts, Rifts Chaos Earth, Phase World, and Heroes Unlimited, but easily adapted to the Palladium Fantasy RPG, Beyond the Supernatural and all other Palladium games. Part one of the Megaverse spanning Minion War saga. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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