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Chi-Town 'Burbs
Adventure Sourcebook One -- This 48-page Rifts sourcebook outlines regions and key places of the Chi-Town 'Burbs and offers extensive detail on many of the notorious villains, criminals, spies, heroes, anti-Coalition rebels, and characters that inhabit it. Regular price $8.95.
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Firetown & The Tolkeen Crisis
Adventure Sourcebook Two -- The fall of Tolkeen has sent a flood of refugees, Retribution Squads, sorcerers and villains into the Chi-Town 'Burbs. Some seek revenge on the CS, some look to buy or sell the mystic secrets of Tolkeen, and others come with a darker purpose. This has created a crisis for Chi-Town security and trouble for the inhabitants of the 'Burbs. The rest of Firetown mapped and described, with scores of new people, places and adventure hooks, plus one fleshed out adventure around a Tolkeen Retribution Squad, plus data on other Coalition hate groups operating in Firetown.
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The Black Vault
Adventure Sourcebook Three -- The Coalition States deny its existence, yet the legend has persisted for generations. The legend of the Black Vault, depository for thousands of lost magic items collected over the years by the Coalition States and locked away where nobody can find them . . . has been found! Explore the history, rumors, and artifacts festering in the depths of the Black Vault in this 64-page Rifts adventure sourcebook. Regular price $8.95.
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The Vanguard
Adventure Sourcebook Four -- The Vanguard, born in the days before Chi-Town forever banned the use of magic on Coalition soil, these practitioners of magic fight for the Coalition States and the Prosek regime. Learn about their organization, goals, and current operations in this RIFTS 48-page sourcebook. Regular price $8.95.
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Have you always wanted to have a fully fleshed out town to visit where adventurers and mercenaries are welcomed and their every need is catered to? Then welcome to Merctown, a city built by mercenaries, for mercenaries. Key people and places. Shady establishments, the Black Market and guns for hire. People and places mercenaries can hire themselves out to. NPCs, villains and adventure ideas galore. Regular price $17.95.
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Merc Ops
More from the imaginations of Pat Nowak and Carmen Bellaire, presenting criminals, desperados and fugitives wanted by the CS and other authorities, each an opportunity for adventure and action. Weapons, equipment galore, including items from Golden Age Weaponsmiths, Northern Gun, and Magefire. Villains and rogue mercenary companies. Tolkeen fugitives and the falsely accused. NPC villains and adventures galore. Regular price $17.95.
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Mercenary Adventures
The Mercenary Adventure Sourcebook for RIFTS features new optional merc O.C.C.s, details on the Devil Rider Psi-Stalker Clan, plus dozens of adventures and boot camp. Regular price $10.95.
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