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Chrononauts is a fast, exciting, multi-layered time travel card game for 1-6 players. Players become Time Travelers, seeking to return to their original alternate realities by changing history (done by preventing assassinations, averting disasters, and so on), while simultaneously gathering up the right combination of amazing artifacts. The huge deck of 135 cards features a unique 32 card TimeLine deck that's used to track Ripples and Paradoxes. Regular price $20.00.
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Early American Chrononauts
Time travel moves into another century with Early American Chrononauts, the long-awaited prequel to Chrononauts. Everything you always wanted to do with a time machine: change stuff, collect stuff, save the universe ... now in the 1800's. Like the original, it features a 32-card layout depicting the timeline, which players then alter to fit their requirements. Also with all new Artifacts to collect, and a new type of card -- Gadgets! Regular price $20.00.
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