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Rifts Ultimate Edition
The core RIFTS rulebook completely revised and updated! RIFTS is a multi-genre role-playing game that captures the elements of magic and the supernatural along with science fiction and high technology. It spans countless dimensions making anything and everything possible! Regular price $35.95.
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Sourcebook 1
Completely expanded and updated with 48 additional pages of RIFTS source material, this ideal companion to RIFTS Ultimate Edition includes never-before-revealed information on A.R.C.H.I.E. and their secret war against The Republicans, plus details on new weapons, armor, and equipment, as well as new random encounter tables, world information, and adventure seeds. Regular price $18.95.
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Sourcebook 2 : Mechanoids
Archie 3 and Hagan are back, but have inadvertently unleashed The Mechanoids into the world! The Mechanoids have one driving goal: To destroy all humanoid life! This book has it all. Source material, the mechanoids, new equipment, monsters and adventure. Highlights Include: 40 Mechanoids and their bots with complete M.D.C. stats! A.R.C.H.I.E. 3 and his new creations. New weapons and equipment. Five adventures, random encounter tables and adventure ideas. Optional Character sheets. Regular price $12.95.
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Game Master's Guide
A huge 352 page wealth of information that will delight Rifts fans. The goal is to create one big, easy reference guide for G.M.s that should include comprehensive and condensed lists of skills, magic spells, psionic powers, O.C.C.s, R.C.C.s, weapons, vehicles, and more. As well as vital information for Game Masters, more and updated world information, and lots of other helpful lists, charts, source material, tips and information. Regular price $26.95.
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Book Of Magic
This huge, 280+ page sourcebook for Rifts collects all the myriad types of magic, hundreds of magic spells, Techno-Wizard weapons and vehicles, Rune weapons, and other magic items and artifacts, as well as details on magic character classes, clarification on magic combat and rules, GM tips, and more! Regular price $26.95.
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Adventure Guide
This Game Master and player's guide book to creating and running Rifts adventures and campaigns features numerous tables for random generation of people, villains, organizations, and places, optional rules and background tables, details on Rifts Earth, plus several adventures and adventure seeds. Regular price $22.95.
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Bionics Sourcebook
A compendium of information on the cyborgs and bionics of Rifts Earth all collected and gathered in one useful book with new bionic weapons, gadgets and components, as well as other new information. New cybernetic and bionic weapons, disguises and augmentation. Over 160 cybernetic systems: weapons, sensors, implants, etc. Over 120 bionic systems: weapons, tools, sensors, armor and more. Plus foreign cybernetics and bionics, and a Cyborg Index. The Cyborg O.C.C. redefined -- Four main types, including Partial ‘Borg, Full Conversion ‘Borg, Cyber-Humanoid, and Mining ‘Borg (with notes on Slave Borgs). Six City Rat O.C.C.s. The Cyber-Snatcher Villain NPC. More on the Cyber-Doc and Black Market cybernetics. Background data, clarifications, optional tables, making repairs and more. 112 page paperback. Regular price $13.95.
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