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World Book 2 -- Rifts Atlantis is an alien civilization transplanted to Earth. It is a multi-dimensional kingdom inhabited by monstrous aliens dominated by the Splugorth. Ley lines are tapped by giant, mystic pyramids. Anything and anybody can be bought or sold at the Dimensional Market at Splynn, while the city of Dragcona serves as a haven for dragons and supernatural beings. Located in the southern mountains is the Gargoyle Kingdom and to the north is the Valley of Wonders. Alien creatures lay claim to the land and others are sold at the trans-dimensional slave markets. The Splugorth and their minions are described, complete with attributes and full statistics. They include the High Lords, Conservators (bio-borg), Overlords, Powerlords, Slavers, Sunaj Assassins and others. There are new magic O.C.C.s, new player character races, ancient Atlanteans, bio-wizardry, and much more. Highlights Include: Over 20 optional player characters, including Tattooed Men, True Atlanteans, Undead Slayers, Sunaj Assassins, Stone Masters, aliens, and others. Stone Magic: The manipulation of rock, drawing power from gems, and the wonders of pyramid technology. Tattoo Magic enables T-Men to bring their tattoos to life, creating mystic weapons, animals and monsters. Bio-wizardry is the magic of the Splugorth. It is both incredible and horrible, using transmutation, microbes, parasites and symbiotic organisms to enslave, augment or mutate other beings. A truly unique and alien magic. Rune magic revealed! Its history, how it works, general types of weapons and a dozen specific rune items of great power. Magic weapons, statues, gems, creatures and creations of all kind. Complete stats on the Splugorth and their many minions. Atlantis, briefly described, including the Gargoyle Kingdom, The Asylum, The Refuge, Dragcona The City of Dragons, Splynn -- the capital of Atlantis, The Demon Sea, ley line storms and more. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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World Book 3 -- Rifts England seethes with mystic energy from hundreds of ley lines and nexus points, transforming the British Isles into a land of enchantment and home to the legendary Millennium Tree, Brain Trees, ancient gods, temporal raiders and wizards, woodland druids, dryads, Blood Druids, Nexus knights, ghost knights, faeries, Stonehenge and more. Highlights Include: Temporal magic, with 25 new spells and three related character classes, all available as player characters. Herb magic completed with magic teas, potions, wands, staves, leaves, poisons and Herbalist. 21 New O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s including the chiang-ku dragon, Earth Child, Star Child, Mantaz Sectle, Temporal Wizard, and a variety of druids and others. The Millennium Tree and its magic. Ancient Celtic gods, monsters and villains. New Camelot a place of bright hope and dark magic. 152 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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World Book 4 -- Rifts Africa outlines key places, people, customs, and societies located in the wilderness of Rifts Africa. The demonic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse threaten to destroy all life on Earth. Once life has been obliterated on Earth, the monsters will use the dimensional Rifts to carry their destruction throughout the Megaverse! If they can be defeated one at time, the Earth and the entire Megaverse may be spared. Failure means oblivion. Highlights Include: Nine new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s including the powerful African Medicine Man, Rain Maker, Priest, Tree People, Pygmy Hunter, and others. Mind bleeder R.C.C. and new psionic powers! Necromancy and the Necromancer O.C.C.. Character stats for Erin Tarn and Victor Lazlo. The return of Egyptian Gods and their minions. New weapons, vehicles, and magic. The Phoenix Empire (Egypt) inhabited by monsters and ruled by the Pharaoh Rama-Set, an evil Chiang-ku dragon. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse! Four of the most powerful monsters ever presented! Africa mapped and outlined. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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South America
World Book 6 -- Explore the jungles of South America and discover the secrets of biomancy, living power armor, anti-monster cyborgs, bio-modified female super-warriors, reptilian D-bees, pincer warriors, voodoo priests, and dark conspiracies. Plus, pirates, insectoid D-bees, dragons, new weapons and equipment, magic, adventure and more! Highlights include: Over 20 new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s including the Amazon warrior, Monster Hunter, Lizard Men, Flying Tigers, Felinoids, minions of Inix, pirates, warriors and more. Biomancer O.C.C., bio-weaponry, and biomancy magic. Voodoo magic, priests, spirits and characters. New Kittani power armor and weapons, plus other high tech and magic weapons and equipment. World information includes legendary El Dorado, Pyramid City, The Land of the Lizard Men, The Splugorth of Atlantis, The Pirate Kingdom, vampire wars, slavers, D-bees and monsters. Cover by Brom. Interior art by Brom, Kevin Long, Roger Petersen, and Vince Martin.. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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World Book 7 -- Rifts Underseas is a fabulous world as unique and expansive as any Rifts Dimension Book! Fans may be surprised at the scope of characters, abilities and adventure available to them, both undersea and on dry land. Highlights Include: 10 O.C.C.s including Marines, Ocean Wizards, Sea Druid, Sea Inquisitor, and the Salvage Expert. 20 R.C.C.s including the Whale Singer, Sea Titan, Amphib, Dolphins, Horune Pirates, Mutants, D-bees and others. Over 40 ocean magic spells, 20 whale songs, plus dolphin magic. Underwater bionics, power armor and weaponry. Submarines, submersible aircraft carriers, mini-subs, aircraft, robots and more. Tritonia, the New Navy, and other kingdoms, each with its unique history, technology, and O.C.C.s. The Lord of the Deep and his terrible minions. More on Triax, Atlantis and other places. Gene-Splicer creations, ley line mutants, Dead Pools, and an entire world of adventure as strange and wondrous as any alien world awaits you in Rifts Underseas! 216 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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South America 2
World Book 9 -- Rifts South America is a hot bed of intrigue and conflict. There are the mysteries of the Nazca Lines (a magic, alien defense system), the return of ancient gods, alien invaders, mutants, Inca undead, transdimensional raiders, and more. Tons of great new characters classes, magic, weapons, armor and equipment. Highlights Include: Over 30 new O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s. The Nazca line maker and line drawing magic that creates energy animals, armor and wonders. Larhold magic of the Blue Flame. The return of the Inca Empire. A growing human power led and inspired by the return of the Inca gods. The Silver River Republic is a collection of human and D-bee alliances constantly involved in conspiracies, alliances and war. War machines that rival the CS or Triax! 192 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Juicer Uprising
World Book 10 -- A Coalition plot fools a number of innocent people into undergoing Juicer augmentation. When the lies are revealed, a Juicer army rises up to lay siege to the CS city of Newtown. Chaos erupts as Juicers, bandits and outlaws ravage the countryside. Action packed adventure and source-material! Highlights Include: New types of Juicer O.C.C.s, including the Hyperion speed-demon, the giant Titan with his supernatural strength, the mysterious Mega-Juicer, and the Dragon Juicer (dependent on the blood of dragons to sustain his powers)! The Juicer O.C.C., developed and expanded; the motivations behind these suicidal warriors, and the process and effects of being "juiced" completely described. The Prometheus Treatment: Immortality for the Juicers or a Coalition lie? More world information about North America, Newtown, Fort El Dorado and hints of things to come. 160 page paperback. Regular price $18.95.
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World Book 12 -- Enter the world of Psyscape, the stuff of myths and legends revealed at last! The history, power and key figures of this mysterious realm. New psychic O.C.C.s like the Nega-Psychic, Psychic Nullifier, Psi-Slayer, Zapper and others. CS Psychic operatives. New psychic powers like ecto-plasmic disguises. Cybernetic psi-implants and side effects. Notable factions, villains, and heroes. Coalition death squads, spies and trouble. D-Bees, aliens & dark secrets. World information, maps and adventure ideas. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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New West
World Book 14 -- At last, the Western Wilderness (a no man's zone forbidden to citizens of the CS) is outlined and explored. 17 new O.C.C.s, including the Cowboy, Gunslinger, Psi-Slinger, CyberSlinger, Bounty Hunter, and Justice Ranger. 9 R.C.C.s and 25 monsters of the New West. The history of Wilk's Inc. and a new array of weapons. Bandito Arms, the western arm of the Black Market. New body armor, robot vehicles and weapons. Techno-Wizard magic that turns ordinary gunpowder weapons into mega-damage weapons. Techno-Wizard weapons and devices. Cloud magic and the Golden Ones. Colorado Baronies and other notable places. "The Law" -- or what passes for it. Notable bandits, outlaws, D-bees & heroes. Overview of the New West, maps & world information. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Spirit West
World Book 15 -- An in depth look at the new American Indian, various tribes, cultures, magic, and gods. While the White Man wars with D-bees, sorcerers and his brothers in the East, the Red Man is quietly building new nations in the West. 11 new O.C.C.s, including several different Shamans, Totem Warrior and others. New magic spells and powers. Fetish magic -- powerful magic items. Kachina Dolls and the cult behind them. Animal Totems that help shape and empower characters. A slew of ancient Indian Spirits and Gods. Indian history, culture and beliefs in the New West. Notable Indian nations, places, maps and world information. A Wonderful exploration of another culture. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Federation Of Magic
World Book 16 -- Rifts Federation of Magic delves into the legendary Magic Zone and explores the many factions, faces and magicks of the Federation of Magic. Since the Rifts Book of Magic contains all spells, we saw no reason to reprint the spells that originally appeared in this book. We are replacing it with data, people and places in the magic city of Dweomer. The movers and shakers of the Federation of Magic, both good and evil -- destroyers and nurturers. Over 30 pages of new source material on the city of Dweomer! Magic items, artifacts and more. New magical O.C.C.s, disciplines and powers. Key figures in the Federation. Aliens, D-Bees, gods and strange beings. The CS campaign to destroy the Federation. The Federation's plans to destroy the CS. Maps and world information. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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Warlords Of Russia
World Book 17 -- Rifts Warlords of Russia is packed with world information about Western Russia, the Warlords who rule it, and their legions of incredible cybord warriors. other character classes include the Cossack, Wingrider, Ectohunter, Hero-Knight, Explorer, Smoke Soldier (super spy), Trapper-Hunter and others. The Warlords of russia, their armies, politics, plans and enemies 9which includes other Warlords. The sovietski, the last vestiges of a bygone era. Russian Cyborgs galore -- different and powerful. New bionics, weapons, vehicles and equipment. Monster-ridden lands, heroes, war and manmen. Tons of world information, maps and adventure ideas. 224 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Mystic Russia
World Book 18 -- This world book is the exciting companion to Warlords of Russia, and is filled with magic, supernatural creatures from other worlds and a horde of monsters, demons and ancient gods from Russian mythology. New types of magic, including the Mystic Kuznya, Gypsies and others. Plus more on the Sovietski and world information. Monsters and Magic galore! Russian demons, ancient gods and other supernatural beings. New types of magic, including Russian Fire Magic, Nature Magic, and Russian Witchcraft. The Mystic Kuznya (smith) and the creation of magic weapons. New information (and magic) on the Shifter & Necromancer. Gypsies, their magic and secrets. A dangerous link to the Americas. More world information and adventure ideas. 176 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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World Book 19 -- Isolated from the rest of the world, the Land Down Under is a unique and savage land of survival, adventure, monsters and magic. Written by native Australian Ben Lucas (with additional material by Siembieda). Rifts Australia has been one of the most requested World Books ever, and is finally a reality, Melbourne & Perth, two high-tech powers who may become the Coalition States of Australia -- hardhearted, paranoid, & cruel. Rules for creating Outback communities. Over 20 O.C.C.s like the Bushman, Jackaroo and Road Sentinel. Mystic O.C.C.s include the Sham-Man and Songjuicer. Mutants and Monsters. Dreamtime gods and menaces. New weapons and technology. World information and adventure ideas. 224 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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World Book 20 -- Eric Thompson and Kevin Siembieda team up to provide an overview of Rifts Canada, focusing on key people and places. Rules for surviving a cold wilderness environment. Notable towns and independent kingdoms. Tundra Rangers and other O.C.C.s. Monsters of the North. New weapons and vehicles. Tons of world information. 192 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Splynn Dimensional Market
Rifts World Book 21 -- Atlantis Book 2 -- Mark Sumimoto with Kevin Siembieda present one of the wonders of Rifts Earth -- the Dimensional Market at Splynn, in Atlantis. A place where it is said that anything, & everything, including people, have a price. The market described in all its glory. Exotic people, slaves & products. More magic and magical weapons. More about Tattoo Magic & Tattooed Men. Dozens of New Symbiotes & Parasites used in Bio-Wizardry. New Rune weapons & Bio-Wizard devices. The monstrous Bio-Borg and much more. 192 page paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Xicitix Invasion
Rifts World Book 23 -- Everything you wanted to know about the Xiticix, and the frightening consequences of their existence on Rifts Earth. The ensuing war between the Xiticix and the heroes of Lazlo. The CS and hints of trouble to come. Complete background on the Xiticix. The Xiticix race and society. Inside the Xiticix hive -- mapped and described. Xiticix weapons and powers. The Kingdom of Lazlo's reluctant war. The Psi-Stalkers' contributions to the war. The Coalition States behind the scenes. A Coalition Military Base mapped and described. World information, maps and adventure ideas. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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China 2
Rifts World Book 25 - Heroes of the Celestial Court -- Rifts China 2 combines Oriental myth and mysticism, martial arts, Hong Kong Movie action, unique and powerful characters, magic, demons and science fiction as only Palladium Books can. And for you high-tech junkies, there are the warriors and wonders of Geofront with things like Demon Skin body armor, the Gun Dragon, Black Tiger power armor, Chi Demon Weapons, the Gun Master O.C.C. and more. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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Dinosaur Swamp
World Book 26 -- This book has a portion of the east coast of North America outlined and described for the first time. The imagination of Todd Yoho will take players to places they never imagined even existed. And if you're looking for dinosaur and general weirdness . . . look no farther. Mega-Damage Dinosaurs galore. Mutant Dinosaurs and Random Mutations. New O.C.C.s, including Wilderness Barbarians, Eco-Wizards, and others. The secret of the Swamps -- Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas all outlined. More world background, adventure and adventure ideas. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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Adventures In Dinosaur Swamp
World Book 27 -- More descriptions, dinosaurs, and adventure in Dinosaur Swamp. Dinosaurs the likes of which have never been recorded in our fossil record. Dinosaurs with powers nobody would ever have expected. New menaces, villains, mysteries, struggles and adventures. 160 page paperback. Regular price $17.95.
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World Book 28 -- Arzno: Vampire Incursion -- Mercenaries and vampires! What else could anyone ask for? Actually, it gives you plenty more. The city of Arzno mapped and described. New merc weapons, equipment and TW items. Vampire insurgents, their henchmen and leaders. The Blood Cult, Blood Priest and vampire worship. 160 page paperback. Regular price $18.95.
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World Book 29 -- The ruins of Manhattan better known as Madhaven are a place of madness, ghosts and monsters. For some the ruins offer the promise of ancient secrets, power or treasure. For the mutants who inhabit the shattered landscape, it is truly a haven. For the Knights of the White Rose it is a hiding place. For many others, however, Madhaven is their doom. 128 page paperback. Regular price $14.95.
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D-Bees Of North America
World Book 30 -- A dozen freelancers contributed to create this book with 30+ new D-Bees along with updated stats and information on 60+ D-Bees of North America collected from other Rifts World Books. A handy reference for players (especially those looking to play a particular D-Bee) and Game Masters. 35 new D-Bees, around 100 in all. All new artwork. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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