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Palladium Fantasy RPG
The Second Edition Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a dramatically revised and updated second edition of the original fantasy game rules, the first significant revision since its release in 1983. A world of magic and conflict. A world dominated by a human civilization built on the bones of the non-humans who reigned before them. A world of unparalleled heroic adventure filled with magic, inhuman creatures and intrigue! The Palladium World is one of epic fantasy. A world torn in conflict with the non-human barbaric races, creatures of magic and supernatural forces. Non-Human playing characters provide a host of unusual creatures as regular characters. They include the feared changeling who can assume the shape and appearance of any humanoid. The giant races of troll, ogre and wolfen. The small and agile goblin, kobold, gnome and the mighty dwarf, as well as elf, human, and dozens of optional creatures found in both the Palladium RPG and Monsters & Animals. The skill system embellishes characters with knowledge and abilities that make him or her more than a simple fighter or mage. Combat is realistic, with strikes, parries, dodges and considerations for shields and armour. Yet it remains extremely quick and playable. An Experience System in which characters are rewarded for acts of ingenuity, ideas, cunning, discretion, trickery and bravery. Not hack and slash. Magic: Over 300 spells, plus elemental magic, circles, symbols and runes are yours to command. The most original forms of magic found only in the Palladium RPG are the Diabolist and Summoner. The Diabolist casts no spells, instead he uses the nearly forgotten magic of wards (mystic symbols) and circles of power. The Summoner too, is versed in the mystic arts of magic circle making, but his is a far more dangerous and often malevolent power, for he dares to summon and command creatures of magic. The wizard, warlock, priest and other more traditional characters also break away from their more common game molds, with a vast array of spells and abilities that make them truly unique. Over 300 pages. Paperback. Regular Price $26.95.
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Dragons & Gods
An in depth look at the Dragons of the Palladium world, their habits, allies, and lives. The gods of the known world, their powers, minions, churches, pirests and alliances to good and evil. Highlights Include: 14 Dragons including the Hydra, Fire Dragon, Thunder Lizard, Cockatrice, Lo-Dox, Ultucan and others. Information about dragon hatchlings, adults and ancients, their society, powers and weaknesses. Weapons and magic items made from dragons! Over 40 gods complete with minions, magical weapons and artifacts, history, legends and worshippers. Over 20 demonic lords. Elementals and Spirits of Light. Priests, churches, cults and beliefs of the Palladium World. Rune weapons, Dragon Slayer swords and Holy weapons. For use with the Palladium Fantasy RPG, 2nd Edtion. Compatible with Rifts®,including M.D.C. stats and note. Over 200 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Old Ones
Second edition. An updated version of the original title with rules modifications, new information about the Old Ones, additional new artwork and a new cover. Still contains the maps and descriptions of 34 major communities in and around the Timiro Kingdom. Plus adventure in the mysterious dwarven ruins known as the Place of Magic. The dreaded Old Ones and six adventures. Old Ones is a giant adventure sourcebook for the Palladium RPG. The nine adventures range from short, one night scenarios to two epic adventures that can easily turn into a campaign (one took five months to play-test)! Furthermore, Old Ones is the largest book of cities ever published!! It contains 34 towns and cities (and 21 forts), all clearly mapped and described. Major shops, production centers, thieves’ guilds, royalty, temples and notable personalities are included with brief descriptions. Each town or city is unique, with its own set of virtues and problems. The entire Timiro Kingdom is laid at your fingertips. It also introduces two NEW optional character classes: the Illusionist and the Monk. A variety of encounter tables, travel rules and illustrations complete this hefty tome. Highlights Include 56 Maps, 34 Towns and Cities, 21 Forts, New Character Classes, and Several Adventures, including the epic Place of Magic. Written by Kevin Siembieda. 224 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Monsters & Animals
Monsters & Animals is an excellent sourcebook for the Palladium RPG, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, and Beyond the Supernatural, or any fantasy game. Most of its 90 monsters are new and original, not the usual fare of typical monsters from myth. Many, like the Bearman, Coyle, Endroth, giant Rahu-man, Ratling, Dwarvling, Lizard Mage, and others, are available as optional player character races. ALL are described in detail and realistically illustrated. Players of the Palladium RPG will find the Palladium World brought into clearer focus, with much more information about the world overall and the creatures that inhabit it. The conniving Waternix, the ferocious Devil Digger, Bogiemen, Beast Dragon, Rock Crawler, Scorpion Devil, Snaggletooth Gobbler, Serpent Beast, Tri-Fang, Waterbat and Wing Tips, are but a few of the wondrous creatures waiting to fill your campaign. The second section contains complete stats on nearly 200 real animals, from canine and feline to poisonous snakes and birds of prey. An unrivaled reference adaptable to Palladium or any RPG system. Highlights Include: 90 Monsters. Nearly 200 animals. Great for Beyond the Supernatural with its scores of real-life animals and easily adaptable monsters. Specifically for the Palladium RPG (fantasy) complete with maps showing the habitat for every creature. Suitable for any of the Palladium Books’ role-playing games. Written and illustrated by Kevin Siembieda. Over 200 pages. Paperback. Regular price $23.95.
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Adventures On The High Seas
In addition to being a super-sourcebook that maps and explores the islands around the Palladium Continent, including the Isle of the Cyclops, the second edition includes a variety of additional, new source material, magic items, magic curses, ship to ship combat, six adventures and ideas for a dozen more. Adventure! Numerous adventures on the high seas and oceans of the Palladium world take you to an uncharted island in the Sea of Despair to the noble walls of the Bizantium Kingdom, the isles of Y-Oda and Zy, then south to the pirate and serpent infested waters of the Floenry Isles (all 14 islands are described), and finally west to the seldom visited Island of the Cyclops and its four sisters islands. A truly comprehensive addition to the Palladium RPG fantasy system. Highlights Include: Six adventures plus scores of adventure ideas. New magic items and world information. Over 20 islands and 20 cities mapped and described. Ship to ship combat and ship stats. Written by Kevin Siembieda. Second edition. 224 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Further Adv In Northern Wilderness
Further Adventures In The Northern Wilderness. Travel now to the Bruu-Ga-Belimar, mountains named for the bones of a Dwarven God. A rough wilderness where the conflicts of human and wolfen are forgotten. A region that neither race has the courage to claim. Source material includes data on the mountains, known as the "Bones of Belimar", that divide the Great Northern Wilderness and the Eastern Territory. Four adventures, random encounter tables, the village of Wrijin, and adventure ideas. Highlights Include: Source material on the history and inhabitants of the Bruu-Ga-Belimar mountains and the village of Wrijin. Four adventures and adventure ideas. Random encounter tables. Second edition. 48 pages. Paperback. Regular price $7.95.
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Yin-Sloth Jungles
The infamous Yin-Sloth jungles are finally mapped and described. This tome is filled with new character classes, monsters, skills, places, villains and adventure. Highlights Include: New Occupational Characters Classes, including the Undead Hunter, Witch Hunter, Enforcer and Beastmaster. New skills and abilities. Monsters, animals, villains and world information. The Yin-Sloth Jungles, towns and villages mapped and described. Cover by: Brom. Interior Art: Roger Petersen, Kevin Siembieda, Scott Szczesniak and John Livesay. Written by Patrick Nowak and Kevin Siembieda. Second edition. 160 pages. Paperback. Regular price $15.95.
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Western Empire
The legendary Western Empire is described and mapped in detail. The Emperor, notable Overlords and government. Political intrigue, conspiracies and treachery. A dozen key cities and scores of maps. New magic items and herbs. City creation rules. The Empire's history and diabolical plans for the future. Full fledged adventures plus adventure ideas. Truly breathtaking artwork. Regular price $22.95.
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The Baalgor Wastelands
An epic adventure sourcebook detailing the notorious Baalgor Wastelands -- Eandroth tribes, Gromek war-bands, monstrous raiders, forgotten catacombs, pirates, Minotaurs and much more. New player O.C.C.s and optional monster R.C.C.s. New monsters and more info on old menaces. History of the legendary, monster-filled region and its tragic ties to the Elf-Dwarf War. Maps and world information. Adventures and adventure ideas. Cover by John Zeleznik. Interior Art by Ramon Perez and Kent Burles. Written by Bill Coffin. Second edition. 216 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Mount Nimro
The Mount Nimro region is the domain of giants: Jotan, Nimro, Gigantes, Cyclops, Gromek, Trolls and others. A gathering of clans, tribes and refugees that is quickly becoming a true "kingdom" rather than a motley collection of misanthropes. A Kingdom of Giants that frightens the surrounding human, elf and dwarf settlements and is beginning to concern even the Western Empire. Get all the details for yourself! New player O.C.C.s and monster races. History and world information, making note of powerful factions, warlords, villains and growing conflicts. Maps, adventures and adventure ideas. Written by Bill Coffin. Second edition. 160 pages. Paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Eastern Territory
A 224 page fantasy sourcebook packed with towns, cities, monsters and adventure in the Eastern Territory. This region of the Palladium World has never been described in the past, and is one of the most anticipated books in the Fantasy line, don’t miss out. Much of the area is unexplored forest inhabited by inhuman races not happy to see "human invaders" ravaging their land like hungry locusts. The boom towns of the Eastern Territory also attract bandits, bushwhackers, thieves, assassins, mercenaries and monsters who see the new towns, cities and wilderness colonies as easy pickings, ripe for plunder. Likewise, these new communities represent new places for criminals to establish rackets, thieves' and assassins' guilds, dark cults and rare opportunities for all types of scoundrels. The Eastern Territory also holds its share of secrets and treachery, at the hands of both humans and nonhumans alike. All of this makes for a fertile land of adventure. A place where heroes, adventurers and opportunists (even rogues) can carve out a reputation, become famous and/or build a fortune, maybe even their own kingdom! Over 25 pages of maps! Notable cities and towns, each unique and different. New monsters and menaces. The Danzi, a new optional race of warriors and shamans. Danzi Spirit Tattoos and Elven Mosaic magic. Overview of the land and society. Key people and places. Hints about the impending Wolfen Wars. All kinds of avenues of adventure. 224 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Library Of Bletherad
An in-depth look at the fabled Great Library and the many secrets and avenues of adventure it holds. Key leaders, history, enemies, danger and adventure await inside. 21 legendary rune weapons. Shadowcasting and Fulmination magic. Spirit Magic, Cold & Ice Magic, and more. Over 50 new spells in all. Ancient ruins, forgotten history and hidden secrets. The Library of Bletherad described and outlined. History, political intrigue and conspiracies. The Zealotry — fanatical Purifiers. The Monks of Bletherad plus the secret Guardians. Adventure ideas, subplots, and maps. 160 pages. Paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Northern Hinterlands
A 160 page fantasy sourcebook that explores and maps the areaof the Great Northern Wilderness just outside the mountains that divide the Land of the Damned from the rest of the world. The Shadow Coast of Bizantium. A hotbed of colonial rebellion. Kiridin, land of Eternal Autumn and oppression from the Coyle hordes. Coyle clans, villains and monsters. The Wild Lords -- long forgotten gods. Information about the Vault of Destiny and Palladium of Desires! Key people and places. Maps and adventure ideas. 192 pages. Regular price $20.95.
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Chaos Lands
Key people and places. Exotic new monsters, adventure and more. Ancient dark secrets. New monsters and races (some leftover from the Age of Chaos). Over a dozen new demons. Over 200 adventure hooks and idas between the history of the land, the tall tales, rumors and lie tables and the portals to other world tables. Maps and adventure ideas. Information on the Great Rift and Northern Mountains. Art by Burles, Breaux, Johnson, Perez and others. Written by Bill Coffin. 192 pages. Paperback. Regular price $20.95.
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Eternal Torment
A land of the undead and villainy. The enchanted forest known as the Darkest Heart. New types of undead and werebeasts. Dark magic. Campaign hooks and Hook, Line and Sinker adventures.. Maps and more adventure ideas. Cover by Larry Elmore. Art by Truman, Perez, Wilson, Breaux, Johnson and others. Written by Bill Coffin. 192 pages. Paperback. Regular price $21.95.
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