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Hero System 5th Edition Revised
The HERO System is back and better than ever! Widely regarded as the best roleplaying game system ever created, the HERO System returns to print with its new 5th Edition. Written by award-winning game designer Steven S. Long, the 5th Edition updates the classic HERO System rules, providing new options, clarification, and information for Hero gamers everywhere. Unlike any other roleplaying game, the HERO System provides you with unfettered flexibility, letting you excercise your own creativity without hindrance. Build any character, power, gadget, skill, weapon, ability, or vehicle you can think of! It's the ultimate gamer's toolkit, allowing you to do what you do best: create great characters and games. Whatever you want to do, in any genre, time period, or setting, the HERO System lets you do it. The 5th Edition includes: The complete HERO System rules, rewritten and revised to adress commonly-asked questions and improve clarity. Hundreds of new options for Hero gamers, allowing them to better create and define characters, abilities, vehicles, and more. Over 300 example powers, gadgets, abilities, weapons, and spells for all genres. A detailed, comprehensive index. The Ultimate Gamer's Toolkit! 384 page hardcover. Regular price $49.95.
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Hero System Sidekick Revised
The Hero System essentials in one small package . . . The critically-acclaimed HERO System rules are now available in a new form: Sidekick! Sidekick contains all of the core HERO System rules, including character creation, combat and adventuring, and equipment — but without all of the additions, options, and details found in the standard rulebook. Sidekick boils the HERO System down to its essential elements so you can easily teach yourself the game, bring new players into your campaign quickly, or refresh your memory on a crucial rule. And when you're ready to move up to the complete HERO System, learning it will be a snap because Sidekick's already taught you the basics! But Sidekick doesn't sacrifice the flexibility, customizability, and freedom that are the hallmarks of the HERO System. With it you can create any sort of character, ability, weapon, spell, gadget, or vehicle you can think of. It lets you do just what you want to do: create great characters and games. Sidekick includes a quick introduction to the HERO System rules, with guidelines and suggestions for character creation, character creation rules, including Characteristics, Skill, Perks, Talents, Powers, Advantages, Limitations, Disadvantages, and more, combat, adventuring, and task resolution rules that are easily learned but offer a wide range of tactics and abilities, five sample characters, plus hundreds of example abilities, spells, weapons, and vehicles, and a comprehensive glossary and index so you can easily find just the rule you're looking for. 128 page paperback. Regular price $14.99.
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Hero System Bestiary
Lions, and tigers, and bears . . . and dragons . . . and unicorns . . . and harpies . . . No matter what genre, time period, or setting your campaign takes place in, the HERO System Bestiary has creatures and monsters for you to use! Designed for use with any HERO System game, the Bestiary describes dozens of real-world animals, fantastic beasts, monsters, and strange creatures from movies and science fiction. Each one comes with notes about how to adapt it for different types of games and player characters. The HERO System Bestiary includes extensive rules for creating and using animals in HERO System games, over 80 fantastic beasts and monsters, over 80 real-life animals, over 20 movie and science fiction monsters, options for many creatures, plus a system of generic "templates" you can apply to any creature, giving you the ability to create hundreds more creatures with just a few seconds' work, and more! 240 page paperback. Regular price $24.99.
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Character Creation Handbook
YOU’VE GOT CHARACTER One of the HERO System’s greatest strengths is its character creation rules, which allow you to create any type of character you can dream up and to define his abilities as precisely as you need. The basic rules in Chapter One of The HERO System 5th Edition, Revised rulebook, combined with the more advanced or genre-specific rules in various HERO System books, provide the most detailed and flexible character creation rules available. To help your game run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible, The HERO System Character Creation Handbook compiles the character creation rules from The HERO System 5th Edition, Revised rulebook with key character creation rules from supplements like Champions and Fantasy Hero to create a comprehensive HERO System character creation reference. Additionally, The HERO System Character Creation Handbook supplements that material with new rules, expanded and clarified rules, and other information so you have all the character creation rules you need right at your fingertips! Regular price $24.95.
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Combat Handbook
THE GLORY OF BATTLE -- The HERO System rules are designed to handle any type of combat - whether it involves two groups of gun-wielding gangsters on a grimy inner city stret, caped superheroes using energy bolts and super-strength in a fight in outer space, Fantasy warriors and wizard wielding swords and spells against trolls and dragons, a blaster duel in the corridors of a starship, or even stranger forms of conflict. The basic rules in Chapter Two of the HERO System 5th Edition, Revised rulebook, combined with the more advanced or genre-specfic rules in carious HERO System books, allow you to fight just about any type o battle you can imagine. To help your game run as smoothly and enjoyable as possible, The HERO System Combat Handbook complies the combat rules from the HERO System 5th Edition Revised rulebook, Champions, Dark Champions, Fantasy Hero, Hidden Lands, The Ultimate Brick, and The Ultimate Martial Artist. Additionally, The HERO System Combat Handbook supplements that material with new rules, expanded and clarified rules, and other information so you have all the combat rules you need right at your fingertips. Regular price $24.95.
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Ninja Hero
MY FUNG FU CAN BEAT YOUR KUNG FU The latest in the Hero Games line of genre books, Ninja Hero discusses and describes the martial arts genre for gaming, and shows how to create chracters, campaigns, wondrous weapons, and other elements of martial arts films using the HERO System rules. It includes: * a complete review of the martial arts genre and its five subgenres - Realistic, Cinetmatic, Wuxia, Video Games, and Anime - with guidelines and suggestions for simulating each part of the genres using the HERO System. * an extensive section on creating martial arts characters using the HERO System, including Package Deals for major character archetypes such as the Samurai or Chinese Knight-Errant. * suggested rules additions and variations for simulating marial combat in the various subgenres. * comprehensive chapter on gamemastering martial arts games. * a detailed sourcebook including maps, five sample campaigns, nearly two dozens characters for the various subgenres, sample magic weapons, and plot seeds. Whatever the type of martial arts action you prefer, Ninja Hero helps you simulate it in your games! Ninja Hero is usable as a stand-alone product, but does not include the HERO System rules, only discussions of how to apply those rules. For the rules themselves, you’ll need the HERO System 5th Edition core rulebook. Regular price $26.99.
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Post-Apocalyptic Hero
FROM OUT OF THE RUINS... One of the most popular and enduring types of adventure fiction is the post-apocalyptic story, in which brave heroes struggle to survive in a world where mankind’s civilization has fallen. Rooted in ancient myths about the end of the world, these stories mix thrilling adventure with profound ethical issues. Post-Apocalyptic Hero is your ultimate guide to the post-apocalyptic genre for gaming. It covers the genre in all its many forms, providing information and resources for both players and GMs. It includes: —a thorough review of the Post-Apocalyptic genre, including its themes, elements, and story types —extensive information for creating Post-Apocalyptic characters, including Package Deals, expanded rules for Skills and other game elements, and example mutant powers and post-apocalyptic gear —advice for GMs about creating and running Post-Apocalyptic campaigns, ranging from gritty and realistic Low Post-Apocalyptic stories to bizarre High Post-Apocalyptic games filled with mutants, super-science, and even magic —a sourcebook containing half a dozen campaign settings/scenarios for the genre, including sample characters, monsters, and other information for both players and GMs Get ready for amazing adventures with Post-Apocalyptic Hero! Regular price $34.95.
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PS238 Role Playing Game
SCHOOL IS IN SESSION! Welcome to PS238, the world’s first school for metaprodigies — children with superpowers! They have to learn how to be superheroes along with their math, history, and social studies, and PS238 is where they do that... and occasionally get into an adventure or two. The PS238 Roleplaying Game brings you the fun and touching world of PS238 from Aaron Williams’s acclaimed comic book. Using the award-winning HERO System rules, it lets you create and play your own metaprodigy character. It’s fun for children of all ages! The PS238 Roleplaying Game includes: —a complete history and description of the school, and the world it’s a part of —character sheets for the major faculty members, include Cristina Kyle, Herschel Clay, Vashti Imperia, and Principal Cranston —character sheets for your fellow students, including Captain Clarinet, the Flea, the Emerald Gauntlet, Suzi Fusion, Tyler Marlocke, and Zodon —a chapter on gamemastering PS238 games, with advice on adventure creation, GM-only secret information about the school and the world, and character sheets for villains and NPCs like Charles Brigman, the Praetorian Academy Centurions, and the Revenant —- a complete basic version of the HERO System rules specifically tailored for use in PS238 Roleplaying Game campaigns So get your homework ready and make sure you put your costume in your backpack — it’s time for superpowered schoolyard adventures with The PS238 Roleplaying Game! Regular price $31.99
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The Ultimate Brick
ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH? Bricks - characters emphasizing strength and toughness - are popular in every genre, from the suoer-strong heroes and villains of the comics, to the thugs and legbreakers of Dark Champions, to the two-fisted heroes of the pulps. The Ultimate Brick is your guide to the "strong guy" character for any genre or setting. It includes expanded and advanced HERO System rules for the Strength Characteristic and related game elements, over 100 "brick trick" special abilities for high-strength characters, advanced rules for lifting, breaking, and throwing things, tips, suggestions, and guidelines for creating brick characters, 10 example brick characters covering multiple genres and settings, no matter what sort of brick character you have in mind, The Ultimate Brick provides all the information and rules you need to make him as fun as possible! Regular price $24.99.
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The Ultimate Energy Projector
PURE ENERGY -- One of the most popular archetypes in roleplaying games is the energy projector — the character who commands the awesome, elemental powers of energy, whether he’s a Fire Bolt-flinging wizard in a Fantasy game, a superhero who glows with raw power as he shoots beams of pure energy, or an energy-manipulating alien in a Science Fiction setting. The Ultimate Energy Projector is your guide to creating and playing energy projectors in the HERO System. It deals with all facets of energy projection powers in HERO System terms, from the “mechanical” aspects of creating them to using them in your campaign properly. It includes: —guidelines for creating energy projectors, including a review of various HERO System elements — Skills, Powers, Disadvantages, and more — as they especially pertain to energy projectors —the Energy Spectrum, a systematic review of over 30 different types of energy with detailed information and rules about how they function “realistically,” how they interact with one another in game terms, and how to build abilities with them and use them in your campaign —a genre-by-genre review of energy projectors with sample characters for each type of campaign —expanded guidelines and rules for adventuring and combat with energy projectors Prepare to feel the power with The Ultimate Energy Projector! Regular price $29.99.
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The Ultimate Mentalist
THE POWERS OF THE MIND -- Few things fascinate gamers as much as mental powers - the ability to read (or control) minds, to move physical objects with just a thought, to foresee the future, to fight entire battles in one's mind. But while intriguing, psionic abilities can also prove difficult to handle in a gaming context, due to the potential for overwhelming power. Creating and playing a mentalist character can be a real challenge. The Ultimate Mentalist is your guide to mental powers and characters who use them in the HERO System. It includes a discussion of the various types of mentalist characters and how to create them using the HERO System rules, a review of Mental Powers such as Ego Attack, Mind Control, and Telepathy, and of related powers like Telekinesis, with advanced and expanded rules for each, a Mentalist Powers chapter with over 250 pre-built mental powers, abilities, and gadgets, most with options so you can easily customize them to suit the character you have in mind, a genre-by-genre review of mentalists with sample characters for each type of campaign, expanded rules for Mental Combat, including special Mental Maneuvers and rules for at-the-speed-of-thought battles in the Mind Zone, and advice and guidance for GMs with mentalist characters in their campaign, including how to define and create mental powers, keeping mentalists under control, and running all-psionics campaigns. Prepare to have your mind expanded by The Ultimate Mentalist! Regular price $29.99.
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The Ultimate Metamorph
TIME FOR A CHANGE From genre to genre, one of the most popular and intriguing types of characters you can play are metamorphs — characters who change some aspect of their shape, form, or being. Ranging from supervillains who can copy anyone’s appearance or powers, to werewolves and other lycanthropes, to robots with adjustable body parts, to free-floating minds that "change shape" by possessing living beings, metamorphs exist in fascinating variety and can add a lot to your game. The Ultimate Metamorph is your guide to creating and playing shape-changing, form-altering characters and powers in the HERO System. It includes a discussion of the various types of metamorphs and how best to create them using the HERO System rules, a review of Body-Affecting Powers such as Duplication, Density Increase, Multiform, Shape Shift, and Shrinking, with advanced and expanded rules for each , a Metamorphic Powers chapter with nearly 300 pre-built metamorphic abilities, most with options so you can easily customize them to suit the character you have in mind , a genre-by-genre review of metamorphs with sample characters for each type of campaign, a Metamorphic Bestiary of common shapeshifting monsters and beings, and rules for existing and adventuring in the Microverse of the very tiny and the Macroverse of the truly gargantuan. So get ready for a change! The Ultimate Metamorph will bring new types of fun and adventure to your game! Regular price $26.99.
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The Ultimate Mystic
The Wonders of Magic -- Magic, spells, and mystical beings are one of the most popular elements in most roleplaying games - in fact, they're so popular that gamers often introduce them into genres where they don't normally exist! The Ultimate Mystic is a comprehensive guide to using mysticism in your HERO System campaigns, whether they're magic-filled Fantasy games or games that don't usually feature spells and spellcasters. The Ultimate Mystic includes a detailed discussion of the types and backgrounds of mysic characters, and how to create such characters in HERO System terms, with new and optional rules for character design, a review of major styles and types of magic found in the real world and in fiction, such as Hermetic Theurgy, Voodoo, Rune Magic, Necromancy, Alchemy, Taoist Theurgy, Shamanism, Sadhana, and many more, discussions of how to include magic on any genre of play, particularly genres that don't usually involve magic, and descriptions of denizens of The Mystic World, such as angels, demons, faeries, gods, ghosts, and shapechangers, with dozens of examples from world folklore and mythology. If you're looking to put a little magic into your characters and campaigns, The Ultimate Mystic is just the book for you! Regular price $24.99.
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The Ultimate Skill
SKILLFUL GAMING -- No matter what genre you choose or setting you use for your HERO System campaign, one constant is Skills. Virtually every character, from the most powerful superhero to the weakest peasant, has at least a few Skills, and some characters depend on them every adventure to get things done and keep themselves alive. The Ultimate Skill is your guide to Skills in the HERO System, with advanced, expanded, and optional rules covering every aspect of Skills and Skill use. It includes expanded rules for buying Skills, including altering their costs and purchasing lots of them easily, advanced rules for Skill modifiers covering every genre and setting expanded rules covering everything about Skills including rules for learning Skills, Skill Versus Skill Contests, degrees of success and failure, Complementary Skills, extended tasks, team Skill use, and much more, detailed descriptions of every Skill in the HERO System rules including common uses, historical information, appropriate modifiers, equipment used, time required, expanding or altering the Skill to suit different types of campaigns, and genre-by-genre applications. and optional new Skills. Whatever game or type of campaign you play, The Ultimate Skill is filled with information to make it and your characters better and more exciting! Regular price $23.99.
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The Ultimate Speedster
THE NEED FOR SPEED -- Every character has to walk, run, swim, or fly at some point. But some characters specialize in movement - they're incredibly fast, able to run at hypervelocity and do things in the blink of an eye that take other characters hours, or they can move in ways other characters in the campaign can't. The Ultimate Speedster is your guide to creating and playing movement-based characters and powers in the HERO System. It includes a discussion of the various types of speedsters and how to create them using HERO System rules, a review of Movement Powers such as Running, Teleportation, Flight, and Swimming, with advanced and expanded rules for each, a Speedster Powers chapter with over 300 pre-built speedster abilities, most with options so you can easily customize them to suit the character you have in mind, a genre-by-genre review of speedsters with sample character for each type of campaign, the HERO System Movement Companion, a detailed look at how movement works in the HERO System and how you can alter those rules to change or improve you game (including rules for Segmented Movement and Uncontrolled Movement), and Adventures At Top Speed, a section on campaigning with and GMing for speedsters, including detailed rules for the Speed Zone - the "world" speedster enter when they're moving so quickly other characters seem to be standing still. Shift your game into high gear with The Ultimate Speedster! Regular price $26.99.
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The Ultimate Vehicle
RIDING THE RED LINE -- The Ultimate Vehicle is a comprehensive guide to vehicles in the HERO System. It provides advanced and expanded rules for gamers who want to build anything from a chariot, to a sleek sportscar, to an airplane, to a star cruiser, to a mech! Whether you need to know how sailing ships work, how to make five small mecha that combine into one gigantic super-mech, or how to run exciting car chase scenes, The Ultimate Vehicle has just what you need. It includes general rules for vehicle design in the HERO System, individual chapters devoted to specific types of vehicles (ground vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, spacecraft, and mecha), with rules for simulating the way they move and function, extensive rules for vehicular combat and using vehicles in adventures, an equipment chapter jam-packed with pre-built vehicle systems for easy "drag-and drop" vehicle creation, guidelines for creating vehicle-oriented characters, and over fifty example vehicles, ranging from stagecoaches to starships. Regular price $24.99.
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You Gotta Have Character
PEOPLE ARE STRANGE . . . and the stranger they are, the more fun you can have with them in your campaign! History is full of intriguing people, be they heroic or depraved, warriors or pacifists, artists or barbarians, wise men or fools - and they all make fascinating NPCs for your games. You Gotta Have Character features nearly two dozen of thse individuals, taken from Jason Walters's Digital Hero column of the same name. They include Josephine Baker, Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI), Calamity Jane, Eleanor of Auquitane, Arthur "Weegee" Fellig, Reverend "Little" George Hensley, John "Liver-Eating" Johnson, Robert Johnson, Miyamoto Musashi, Mungo Park, Pytheas, Jim Savage (King of the Tulares), and Tomas de Torquemada (The Grand Inquisitor). Each character comes with a character sheet, a detailed history and description, notes about how to use him or her in different genres or campaign types, and several plot seeds. You Gotta Have Character also features a witty introduction by Ken Hite, so what more could you ask for? Regular price $26.99.
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