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Traveller RPG
Traveller: Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future returns in a new edition, updated and revised for the modern era! Based on the Classic Traveller rules set, streamlined and updated for the 21st Century, the Traveller main rulebook provides everything you need to explore the universes of science fiction settings. Regular price $39.95.
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Introduction To Traveller
This 32 page booklet provides all the core rules for Traveller, allowing new players to experience fun and adventure across the stars for the first time. Ideal for a group looking to try the new Traveller rules, or as a gift to a non-Travelling friend, Book 0 gives you everything you need to begin your voyages across known (and unknown) space. Regular price $9.95.
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Mercenary brings dozens of new ways to create and flesh-out better soldiers of fortune, military men, and guns-for-hire for the Traveller core system. From hardened marines to self-serving cyber-pirates, rules for a number of new pugnacious professions can be found here, as well as the best tools, tactics, and skills to get those jobs done! Regular price $24.95.
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The Spinward Marches
The Spinward Marches is one of the most volatile sectors in the Traveller universe, with the Zhodani Consulate and Third Empire frequently clashing over frontier worlds. This sourcebook details the sector, with descriptions of many of the worlds, their governments, the vast corporations active there, and the alien species that inhabit many of the systems. Regular price $29.95.
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760 Patrons
The universe of Traveller contains a million to the millionth power of souls, each one living its own life in its corner of the galaxy. From the most innocent of run ins with a starport vagabond to the most sinister of cyber-pirates, Traveller: 760 Patrons can bring them to your game sessions. Regular price $29.95.
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