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The Nightbane R.C.C. enables gamers to play supernatural shape-changers. Beings who can appear completely human, but are really superhuman creatures from the twilight dimension known as Nightlands. Nightbane "talents" are supernatural and magic abilities of incredible power and range. The only catch, they must shed their human disguise and become a monster to use them. Over a dozen other O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s including the Sorcerer, Mystic, Vampire, Doppleganger and others. New magic, psionic abilities and supernatural powers. Nightlords and their minions like the Hunters and Hounds. The Nightlands, secret organizations, and tons of campaign and adventure ideas. A complete role-playing game! Compatible with Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Mystic China, and adaptable to Rifts. Written by C.J. Carella. Cover by Brom. 240 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Between The Shadows
More information about the shadow world of the Nightbane. More details about the Nightbane and Nightlands. Discover the Astral Plane and the Dreamstream. Spook Squad described in full detail. New Nightbane Talents, Morphus shapes and data. New character classes like the Astral Mage. New psionic abilities and campaign ideas. Written by C.J. Carella. Cover by Martin McKenna. 144 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Nightlands takes the players into the strange and frightening domain of the demonic Nightlords! Places like Doom Harbor, a twisted version of New York City, and Devil City, the Nightlands' evil, mirror image of Los Angeles, and others. Discover the true power behind the Ba'al and their plans for Earth and the Nightbane. The world and people of the Nightlands revealed! The Hierarchy of the Nightlords and villains galore. New character classes, demonic minions, & strange powers. New Nightbane Talents, Morphus shapes and data. Campaign and adventure ideas. Cover by John Zeleznik. Interior art by Martin, Petersen, and Carson. Written by C.J. Carella. 160 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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Through The Glass Darkly
Could magic spells be alive and intelligent? Can they take on a life and identity all their own? These and other questions are addressed as Through the Glass Darkly explores the underground world of magic and sorcerers in the world of the Nightbane Magical O.C.C.s, including the Flesh Sculptor, Cybermage, and Mirror Mage. Over 50 new magic spells. Magic artifacts, talismans and charms. Rules for creating variant magic and modifying current spells. Nemesis R.C.C. - a dangerous reflection from the Nightlands. 3 adventures, scores of adventure ideas and more. Cover by Fred Fields. Written by Kevin Hassall. 152 page paperback. Regular price $16.95.
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