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Chaos Earth
Chaos Earth puts the player in the center of the Great Cataclysm -- the apocalyptic upheaval that, in the end, creates what we know as Rifts Earth. Player Characters live through the death throes of human civilization, the reshaping of the very planet, and the birth of Rifts Earth. You bear angry witness to the Earth's fiery rebirth as it goes screaming to become a cauldron of mystic energy, a multi-dimensional doorway to infinite alien worlds and the catalyst for endless possibilities. One's greatest challenge is not only survival and battling monsters, but keeping one's sanity, goodness and soul. You -- the player -- exist in the eye of the hurricane. A maelstrom that, even as you play, is reshaping the entire planet. You -- the hero -- are the last bastion of goodness, idealism and life. You -- the protector of the innocent -- are all that stands between the helpless masses and the devouring hordes. You -- as one of the last people standing, unwilling to give up, unwilling to die, unwilling to let chaos win -- fight with ruthless conviction against every face of evil, from the openly inhuman and monstrous to your fellow man. You -- as gamers -- have never experienced anything like it. Absolute chaos, ruthlessness and savagery in a no-holds-barred free-for-all for survival . . . and more. 160 page paperback. Regular price $19.95.
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Creatures Of Chaos
Rifts Chaos Earth Sourcebook One. Creatures of Chaos is jam-packed with unearthly creatures that represent the menacing and the bizarre, the mischevious and the maniacal. Some are supernatural hellspawn, others are just plain weird, all are dangerous. Dozens of demons and monsters specific to the Apocalyptic setting. All new. More on NEMA and how they respond to the Demon Plagues. Human pawns and madmen who serve supernatural evil. Background setting, missions and adventure ideas galore. 64 page paperback. Regular price $10.95.
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Rise Of Magic
Rifts Chaos Earth Sourcebook Two. The return of magic has empowered humans with strange and wondrous powers unlike anything quite seen (and different from conventional types of magic). This only complicates things for Earth's defenders as the line of distinction between "good guys" and "bad guys" begins to blur. The Demon Plagues still rage and with them come demon worshipers, Witches, Necromancers, and cult figures all drawing magic from dark forces. Some make a bid to be kings over frightened survivors, others serve the lords of chaos and work to tear human civilization apart. New types of magic New magical O.C.C.s More on NEMA and the Demon Plagues Completely compatible with Rifts. 64 page paperback. Regular price $10.95.
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