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RuneQuest RPG Rulebook
Designed to bring the original RuneQuest up to the 21st Century, this main rulebook contains all you need to explore the many fantasy worlds possible with RuneQuest. Attention has been applied to keep this main rulebook down to a sensible (and easy on the wallet!) 100 pages, while layout has been refined to make the book easy to read and fast to pick up, allowing players to comprehend sections of the rules with a mere glance - meaning less time flicking through the book and more time playing! As well as character creation, the RuneQuest main rulebook provides full rules for skills, cults/guilds, combat, adventuring, monsters and Rune Magic, the first magic system introduced for the latest edition of RuneQuest. Eminently expandable to any fantasy setting, RuneQuest is supported with the Glorantha world and compatible with the Elric Of Melnibone and Hawkmoon games that use the RuneQuest system. RuneQuest has come of age. Go adventuring with one of the most powerful and flexible rules systems available. Regular price $24.95.
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RuneQuest Deluxe
For the first time, you can now collect the RuneQuest main rulebook, the Companion and Monsters as one mighty tome! This book contains all the essential information the RuneQuest Games Master (or dedicated player) needs to adventure in any fantasy setting, be it Glorantha or one of your own devising. With the information within fully integrated into one cohesive book, allowing you to review the Rune Magic, Divine Magic and Sorcery options for your character, side-by-side. With enough creatures to populate an entire continent and all the core rules, RuneQuest Deluxe is your entry to one of the longest running and most loved roleplaying games. Regular price $39.95.
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RuneQuest Game Master's Screen
Packed with all the information a Games Master needs for easy reference during a session of RuneQuest, this is produced in the style of Mongoose's new 'deluxe' GM Screens. Made from thick card stock, this screen will last many years of play with RuneQuest as your players fight against rival cults and build their own empires. Regular price $14.95.
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RuneQuest Companion
The RuneQuest Companion expands on some of the rules from the core rulebook and also offers a large number of new rules for use in the game. Within these pages, readers will discover the secrets of the spirit world and how to handle spirit combat in RuneQuest – and they will also meet a few of the more common and more dangerous denizens of the spirit world. New and powerful styles of magic are explored as well, from the faithful priest who gains magical power directly from his god to the learned sorcerer who uses skill and will to wrench magic into existence, to change it and manipulate it. The RuneQuest Companion also contains an expanded chapter on cultural backgrounds and professions. From the primitive herbalist, to the mariner sailor, to the civilised tumbler, players will find a host of new backgrounds and professions to suit any character idea. The lives of adventurers are not put on hold when they return from the wilderness and the RuneQuest Companion explores this as well. The Between Adventures chapter provides rules for making a living while inside a city – legitimately or not – as well as covering a wide variety of topics important to the adventurer who finds himself between adventures. This includes such things as item creation time, item quality and how much things might cost in different areas of the world. Of particular interest are the discussions of item quality – the products of master craftsmen and the benefits these masterpieces of the craft can bring to the characters that use them. A huge part of the life of a hero is spent travelling. After all, no character can expect to spend his days in the comfortable environs of a city’s finest hostel, waiting for all the adventures and challenges of the world to trudge their way across the globe to his door. Indeed, as most adventurers know, the greater the challenge and the greater the reward, the more remote and forbidding the locale. The Travel chapter offers simple and streamlined rules governing journeys made by land and by sea, allowing a Games Master to easily determine the time required and the troubles encountered along the way. Sea travel in particular is discussed in detail, from travel times, to storms, to fires, to combating enemy ships. The Games Master will find simple and straightforward rules that allow him to add flavour and peril to a sea journey without consulting a score of tables or making dozens of die rolls. Lastly, the Travel chapter introduces a variety of ships to RuneQuest, delineating their statistics and prices. Finally, the RuneQuest Companion closes with a chapter on Temples, replete with details on these permanent and semi-permanent religious structures. From humble woodland sites to the majesty of a great temple, what separates one from the other is fully discussed and delineated, and a selection of example temples is included for ease of reference. The RuneQuest Companion is the perfect expansion to the all new RuneQuest system. Regular price $24.95.
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Glorantha : The Second Age
This book contains everything you need to launch an epic Runequest campaign set in its classic setting of Glorantha, a world of mythic adventure. Glorantha is a world permeated by magic and shaped by myth. Its heroes achieve power by questing for runes, physical manifestations of the eternal abstract forces that shape its destiny. Eventually they graduate to even more powerful magics, learning to gain power by emulating the deeds of the gods, mastering the arcane formulae of the sorcerous arts, allying with spirits, or achieving meditative awareness of life’s unknowable secrets. In doing so, they draw on one or more of the mythic Otherworlds surrounding their everyday material world. With the right magic, they can travel to the realms of the gods, become participants in their ancestral myths, and return with wondrous new abilities. Those who fail these daunting tests may be diminished, destroyed, or eternally lost in the mythic realms. Explorers, adventurers and kings aren’t the only ones who wield magical power here. Ordinary people practice their own spells and charms, helping them to feed, clothe and shelter themselves in what would otherwise be a hostile environment. Glorantha is a world of clashing cultures, where good and evil aren’t always easy to sort out. Though cursed with more than its share of tyrants, monsters, and villains, no single one of its cultures maintains a monopoly on virtue. Two warring cultures can be, from their own point of view, equally right — or equally ruthless and brutal. Cultures differ on the right way to live, the true events of myth and history, and the very purpose of existence. And that’s just the humans: its inhuman races follow their own alien agendas, as laid out at the beginning of time. In its glorious Second Age, Glorantha is the prize of warring empires. Two empires, more similar than they’d like to admit, vie for ultimate dominance. The God Learner Empire seeks to crack open and the very secrets of the gods, manipulating them to their own ends. The Empire of Wyrm’s Friends works to transform its land and people into a gigantic, mystical dragon, which will take flight and reshape the entire world. The Second Age is a time of unprecedented discovery and exploration. For the first time, trade and travel allows the interaction of far-flung cultures. Both Empires innovate feverishly, unveiling new forms of magic, new devices, new modes of perception. Against this backdrop of unfettered progress, dark omens gather. Men have pushed the Glorantha’s eternal laws of myth and magic to the breaking point. How long will it be before the world strikes back at them, punishing their unprecedented hubris? Regular price $34.95.
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Cults Of Glorantha : Book I
The cults dedicated to Glorantha's deities are among the oldest and most powerful institutions on the face of Glorantha. Contained in this book are the secret lore and powers known only to the most ardent worshippers of the gods, whether they are the faithful warriors battling in the Storm King's image for the cause of good, or vicious, uncivilised trolls emulating the evils of Zorak Zoran in the name of personal power. In the Second Age, the Godswar is a distant time legend and myth, but the divine warriors that shed their blood so long ago now thrive on the respect and dedication of mortal followers. Cults of Glorantha: Volume I opens the way for players to join their cults of choice and rise through the ranks from mere believers to Runelords and Runepriests, going to war and adventuring across the world in the name of their god - calling down holy power and honouring the pantheon with grand deeds. Regular price $24.95.
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Magic Of Glorantha
To be a magician in the Imperial Age is to know, without a shadow of doubt, that you command the most powerful magic that can ever be harnessed by mortals. In reading through Magic of Glorantha, Games Masters and players get the chance to see how the sorcerer-lords of the God Learners and the Dragonspeakers of the EWF possess power far above that of the other Gloranthan cultures. This is as it should be in this era of empires that threaten the stability of the world itself. Magic of Glorantha details the spectacular magical and mystical powers of the two greatest empires to ever stride the Gloranthan stage. From the draconic mysticism of the EWF to the heroquesting grandeur of the God Learners, this book covers all the reality-shattering power that eventually brings low an entire world. Including a host of new runic powers for the more mundane Rune Magic and detailed descriptions for some of the greatest and most influential magicians of the Second Age, Magic of Glorantha is invaluable for any Games Master or player wishing to capture the essence of mythic magic in the Second Age. The stage is set for the death of empires. Regular price $24.95.
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Arms & Equipment
RuneQuest Arms & Equipment is a collection of new and interesting gear for Games Masters to include in their games. This equipment is designed to be used in any RuneQuest setting. There is a wide variety of new weapons including the vicious stavesword and the deadly garrotte, and new types of armour such as dwarfen cinder and serpentmail, giving Players a multitude of options when kitting out their character. In addition there is a host of new general items, land-based vehicles with an extended system for their use in combat and even a collection of mounts and steeds. This book includes: Questing Gear & Basics – Assorted gear that any RuneQuest character might find useful. Weaponry & Armour – Items for inflicting and protecting against damage from all over creation. Transports & Buildings – Vehicles and the rules to use them in RuneQuest combat, along with details on buildings of all kinds. Beasts & Cohorts – The cost and rules to buy and train living assets, from attack dogs to weaponsmiths. The Rare & Wondrous – Items that use magic or technology, including full details on an array of black powder weapons. Regular price $24.95.
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Blood Of Orlanth
There is a legend that few Gloranthans will ever know. It tells how during the Godswar, in the land which is now called Dragon Pass, Orlanth was almost slain by one of the vile Chaos Gods that rose from the Void and threatened to extinguish all life in the world. To the Orlanthi, this is a foul lie. Yet to a minor, lone cult of the barbarians, it is a terrible truth and a secret shame – a secret they guard forever. The God Learners have learned a shard of this hidden truth. Arch-sorcerers of the Alliance have mastered a ritual that can use the blood of the wounded Storm God to achieve their own unknowable ends, perhaps even rewriting history and altering the life of Orlanth himself. But the blood must come from this secret myth. Jrustelan agents make their way to Dragon Pass now, seeking to prise the secret legend from the Orlanthi that live there. Delecti the Inquirer, the traitorous sorcerer, is aware of his former brethren’s machinations. He employs his own agents, Dragonspeakers and mercenaries allied to the Empire, to watch over the conquered Orlanthi of Dragon Pass and ensure the God Learners do not learn the full truth of this legend. In every battle there is a crucial moment: a fulcrum upon which all hope and despair balance. It is in that moment that the fate of each conflict is decided. It is down to the Player Characters to forestall disaster by any means necessary. If they are successful, only then can they defeat the God Learners’ ambitions before the sorcerers enter the Hero Plane and steal a god’s blood. Regular price $24.95.
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Game Master's Handbook
The Games Master’s Handbook is an invaluable resource for any RuneQuest game. Inside you will find: There are notes on character and non-player character creation, with samples of archetypes that can be plugged straight into any campaign. New advanced skills, with the effects of fumbles and criticals with each skill in the game in included. Additional information is provided on opposed skill rolls, as well as the Persistence and Resilience skills. The use of magic is also covered, with details on how and when to use it. In addition to dealing with existing magic systems, binding creatures and alchemy are both covered. In the Adventuring chapter you will find the effects of alcohol, how the law might work and how to deal with down time between adventures. Finally towns and cities are covered, with information on services and tradesmen that might be found, along with the workings of cults and societies. Regular price $24.95.
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RuneQuest Monsters II
Following on from the first collection of creatures for the RuneQuest game, Monsters II provides Games Masters and Players alike a new host to populate their Gloranthan campaigns. The world of Glorantha is amply serviced, with many creatures making their first appearance in this new edition of RuneQuest. From creatures twisted by vile chaos, such as unusual varieties of broo and snakes, through to the great riding beasts of the Praxian plains and Mostali constructs there are many new foes to keep adventurers on their toes. It will require a stout heart, strong swordarm and incredible cunning to be able to face these beasts and survive! Do you have what it takes? Regular price $29.95.
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Land Of The Samurai
Set in the Heian Period of Japanese history, when the Shinto faith was starting to give way to Buddhism, when the Samurai were making their climb to power, in a land of legends; Land of the Samurai is a stand alone setting, designed for those of you who enjoy a huge pile of reality mixed in with your fantasy. Included are new professions and backgrounds along with advice on creating exciting characters, with which to explore this fascinating period. Also an in-depth look at the Shinto and Buddhist faiths, along with the variety of other factors that influenced life in Japan at this time. Predominantly, this book covers the rise of the Samurai and other martial classes and even gives the option of introducing Ninjas…not technically of this period but a whole lot of fun to utilise none the less! Encounter the monsters and myths that have been the stuff of legend for over a millennium. Experience the Imperial life or that of a Samurai. Understand the importance of defending the honour of you and yours – no matter what it costs. A scenario, along with extra advice for Games Masters, ensures that Land of the Samurai will provide players with an exciting, enlightening and even sometimes spiritual experience time and again. Regular price $24.95.
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RuneQuest Spellbook
Magic is so integral to fantasy gaming that it was only a matter of time before an entire tome was dedicated toward magical spells in RuneQuest. This is that tome. RuneQuest: Spellbook is a gateway to hundreds of new magical spells and abilities for characters and monsters throughout the RuneQuest game settings. New and old players alike will find the information within these covers useful to their magically inclined characters, from Sorcery and Divine Magic to the classic Rune Magic . New methods of magic previously unknown to our readers are unveiled, along with some never before seen magical practices. Quite simply, the RuneQuest: Spellbook is the most important tome for every magic user in the worlds of RuneQuest. Regular price $29.95.
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Dara Happa Stirs
A Dragon... The ancient kingdom of Dara Happa, beloved of Yelm, is ruled by a dragon. Its agents occupy the length and breadth of the Oslir valley; they have even penetrated the Gateway to Hell... A Poor Woman's Son... One man, the son of a blind carpenter and his pauper wife, is destined to to challenge the Dragon; to win back his father's heart and eyes, and in so doing, drive out the Dragon for good... Seven Servants... Every hero needs companions. Every rebellion needs its instigators. Every Dara Happan needs a divine purpose... A Rebellion... Together the Poor Woman's Son and the Seven Servants will rise and challenge the Golden Dragon Sun. From its stupor, Dara Happa will stir and shake. Gods will be challenged; the accepted ways of the Empire of Wyrm's Friends put to the test. Blood will be spilled. A Rage And in the midst of it, you, the players characters; the Seven Servants. Heroes emerging... Dara Happa Stirs is a Gloranthan sourcebook and campaign setting of epic proportions. Within its pages you will find detailed information concerning Yelm's empire: history, myths, and political structures for the empire in Glorantha's Second Age. You will also find new cults, new magic, expanded character creation for Dara Happan adventurers, a full campaign spanning 10 years of Dara Happan history and numerous story seeds for additional action and intrigue. So, Dara Happa Stirs; Dara Happa Rages. Join the fight for the Empire of the Yelm! Death to the Dragons! In Every Man a Sun! Regular price $34.95.
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