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Heroes Unlimited
There has never been a single superhero roleplaying game book, like Heroes Unlimited, that enables players to create virtually every type of hero imaginable . . . Mutants, superhumans, alien visitors, super-sleuths, weapon masters, cyborgs, robots, psychics, masters of the mystic arts, super-soldiers, genius inventors, and even crazy heroes. Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition, there ain't nothing like it. Creation rules for virtually every genre of hero. Over 100 super-abilities plus special skills and genius. Cyborg and robot hero creation rules. Super vehicles creation rules, gimmicks and high technology. Secret identities and secret organizations. Rules clarifications, tweaks and additional information. New, dynamic Steranko cover and new interior art. Adventure ideas, guidelines and tons of fun. Compatible with Rifts and the entire Palladium Megaverse. Over 270 pages! Regular price $26.95.
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Heroes Unlimited G.M.'s Guide
Full of tips, suggestions, and examples on how to create, run and play Heroes Unlimited adventures. Game Master (and player) tips. Rampage combat rules — new! New magic spells (and lots of ‘em). Quick roll Villains! Vigilantes and the law. Anti-Heroes and tips on playing in character. Superbeings as lawmen and alignment guidelines. Tips on how to build and run adventures. Ten full adventures and ideas for more. Written by Kevin Siembieda & Wayne Breaux Jr. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Villians Unlimited
Over 80 villains and a dozen heroes and anti-heroes. Secret villainous organizations like the Fabricators and Dark Tribunal; eight in all. How to design your own super organizations. S.C.R.E.T.: Superbeing Control, Retrieval, and Elimination Teams — government agencies developed to counter the threat of "super humans." New robots, weapons, gimmicks, equipment and more. For Heroes Unlimited™ and compatible with Ninjas & Superspies™, Beyond the Supernatural™, Rifts™, and the entire Palladium Megaverse™. New Material in this revised edition includes the Jury, the secret organization that polices superheroes gone bad. 224 page paperback. Regular price $22.95.
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Century Station
An entire city full of heroes, villains, superhumans, mutants, criminals, aliens and secrets. A playground for crimebusters and superhuman adventures of all kinds. A great sourcebook for G.M.s and players alike with scores of heroes (optional player characters) and villains. The Mega-City of Century Station mapped and described. A wealth of world information. 51 villains! 40 heroes plus lawmen and other forces. Criminal masterminds and Syndicates. The Sector and anti-alien groups. 101 adventure settings and ideas! Over 200 pages. Regular price $20.95.
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Gramery Island
Gramercy Island is a penitentiary in the tradition of Alcatraz and Ryker's, only it specializes in the containment of "superhumans." Century Station's and many of America's worst super-criminals find themselves locked away in this foreboding prison. The Prison, described and mapped. Special mechanisms for hold and controlling superhumans. State-of-the-art superhuman containment wing. Over 90 new supervillains and criminal masterminds. A look at superhuman prison culture. Corruption, violence, betrayal and, perhaps for a few, redemption. Loads of background, secrets and 101 adventure ideas. Over 200 pages. Regular price $20.95.
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Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide
Spaceship construction rules. Space travel and combat rules. New skills and skill programs. New alien races, monsters and menaces. More information on old enemies like the Raithenor. More on the Atorian Empire and the TMC. Galactic time-line and overview of the galaxy. Key places and adventure ideas. 224 pages. Regular price $20.95.
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Mutant Underground
Dozens of mutants -- villains, heroes, anti-heroes, and rejects. New ideas and variations for mutant humans and mutant animals (like animals with superpowers). The secret underground society of mutants, runaways, criminals and lost souls. The superhumans who protect them and the villains who stalk them. Mercenary groups and government agencies, adventure and more. 112 pages. Regular price $13.95.
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Powers Unlimited One
Hollywood loves super-heroes and so do we. Powers Unlimited One explores new potential super abilities by presenting scores of Minor and Major super abilities. Put more oomph into your Heroes Unlimited characters. Over 160 new super abilities, plus power subsets and other data. 96 pages Regular price $13.95.
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Powers Unlimited Two
New categories of heroes and their unique abilities, gimmicks and vulnerabilities. Written by Carmen Bellaire with contributions from Kevin Siembieda and others. 96 page paperback. Regular price $14.95.
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Powers Unlimited Three
100 new super abilities, random tables and other super-stuff. ‘Nuff said. 96 pages. Regular price $14.95.
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Compendium Of Contemporary Weapons
A super-sourcebook for all game systems -- The ultimate weapons reference! Suitable for use with all role-playing games of modern combat, from military to superheroes. Ideal for Palladium's Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Beyond the Supernatural, RECON and the up coming RECON Modern Combat Role Playing Game. Highlights Include: Easily adaptable to ALL game systems!! Over 400 weapons from around the world! Machineguns, sub-machineguns, bazookas, LAWs, mortars. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and knives. EOD equipment, grenades, riot control and pyrotechnic devices. Tanks, APCs, armored cars, and light artillery. The first book to include modern body armor. Scopes, surveillance, special rounds and combat accessaries. Optional rules for determining damage, shock and blood loss. Optional hit location tables. Every weapon is illustrated! 176 pages. Regular price $19.95.
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